Filtering subitems by status and person

I enter my board and see 30 subitems status DONE no way to filter them out.
Its is not efficient and it makes my work management very hard in complete contradiction to Monday’s marketing message “that it makes task management easy”
You’ve been saying for months now it’s under development, seriously.
Currently it’s not a “nice” to have feature it’s a basic feature.

This is indeed a basic feature. Hard to believe this is still not possible. Because Items are usually Projects of Phases, and SubItems ARE the tasks! We need to filter by them!

We only have a small team, but this is a significant flaw that prevents us from using efficiently. Our project subtasks are allocated to team members who need an uncluttered view of only their own uncompleted tasks.

Indeed. Filtering subitems is essential. According to the “Subitems Product Plan” (Subitems Product Plan), this should be available by now.

Filtering of subitems are mandatory!

Seriously Monday haven’t fixed this issue? Absolutely disappointing & ridiculous!
This is an argue to resign from Monday!

Hey Everyone!

We know you have been waiting for this feature and monday is in the process of releasing sub item filters. This means, that you will be able to filter subitems by person, status,
due date, and more!

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Does this include the “Person” filter at the top of the dashboard/widget? Currently, when using the “Person” filter (combined with advanced filters), I get subitems that don’t match the filter. For example, the Parent item filters fine (show me a parent item with the person I’m filtering on), however, the subitems have other “persons” that don’t match the “Person” filter. When will this be fixed?

Hey Mike!

Are you referring to the advanced filtering by person? You should be able to accurately pull the data from the items and the subitems: