Filters and Subitems

Filters need to apply to Subitems too.
If I filter by Person, it should auto-expand all Subitems that person is assigned to make it easy for the user to see without digging into each main item.
This principle also applies for creating alternate Table views. When configuring, currently you cannot even choose a Person to filter if they are only assigned at the Subitem level. In most cases, we have an Owner assigned to the main item, but various team members assigned to different Subitems. It must be easier to quick filter Subitems by Person.

Also need to be able to filter sub-items in dashboards


Do we have any updates on this ? Filtering subitems is very useful moving forward, it should also be applicable when I plot a graph with information’s stored in subitems


Same here. I have a report that shows only subitems (charts allow that), but I can’t filter to get the relevant information : see graph below

Thanks to give updates on this feature


Basic filtering of subtasks in boards and dashboards should have been done before release.

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any info on availability? the schedule still shows Q12022


Just wanted to filter subitems by status in my dashboard and had to learn, that it doesn’t work.
Hope you will add this feature soon.

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The site now indicates Q3 2022


This is really, really needed. Hard to believe this wasn’t possible out of the box. Please include this soon!

What site lists these upcoming features? What’s the link?

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I hope we have made progress on it. Q3 has gone … Does anybody has any news?

BTW… Thanks @YannD —> Subitems Product Plan

Hi @Matias.Monday ,

Any update on this?


No more information at this time :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hey everyone, Orit here from monday.
Filter subitems on boards soon will be released to all our users.
We’re in the final stages of the development and planning to gradual release it towards the end of the month.
Filter subitems on dashboards in also planned to be released in the next couple of months.
We will update :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :sunglasses:

Also waiting for this feature! Looking forward to be able to filter sub-items in charts.

Hi all! You should have the ability to filter by subitems using our advanced filtering feature:

Additionally when filtering by person, this should also include the subitems:

Please keep an eye out for filtering in dashboards!


Hi Bianca,
I could not find a thread to comment, but I noticed that the Advanced Filtering for subitems does not apply to dashboards.
Is there any dev in this direction? Thanks