New Feature: Subitem Filters!

New Feature Alert!

We have a big announcement that many have been waiting for…

Are you ready?!

We are gradually releasing subitem filters! With this releases, subitems can be filtered by person, status, due date, and more! Keep an lookout for this new feature and let us know your thoughts :slight_smile:


Waiting a long time for this feature :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Awesome. Will this also allow the opportunity for Filtered results to includ both items and subitems?

The “Show Summary on Parent Item” still does not work for the filters. It still shows the total aggregation of all subitems and not just the filtered items, when will this be fixed?

How exciting!!! I’m glad the subitems have more functionality now, keep them coming!

I’ve already used this for longer, maybe this feature has been rolled out seemlessly, but the subitems does not get filtered from the items, so those items shows up, which has a subitem with the given filter value.

Furthermore, it’d be nice to have the option in GraphQL.

Exports also DO NOT work with the subitem filter - this is strictly a view only filter and is utterly worthless until it is released in full (which none of’s releases seem to ever do).

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I can see the subitem filters, but I don’t think they work for deadline mode right now. I want to filter subitems that are considered overdue, but I don’t see the option for subitem timelines. I hope you can incorporate deadline mode with the subitem filters, but in the meantime, thank you for your hard work so far!

Awesome! @Julietteb
But it does not seem to have been deployed in the table widget… I wanted to have a dashboard view with all the files of the project and filter all the items with a links in the table. And the links are in the subitems. Cannot do it. The content of the subitem is not available in the filters. Will this be release soon?

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Hey community!

Just checked with the team. To confirm, filter subitems in dashboards gradually be released in the next few weeks. For now, you may only see the capability of filtering subitems in boards.

For more info, check out this article about filtering subitems!

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The sub item “HIDE” does not show the sub item list for views. This is really important for us.

filtering subimtems still does not work within Dashboards and Widgets!

Awesome! Thank you! =D

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This only filters items with subitems correctly… it leaves out all items WITHOUT subitems. This is a huge deficit in functionality. Due to the fact that subitems exist in Monday, there needs to be the ability to provide nested/group filtering similar to the below filter logic:

(STATUS is “Closed”) AND ((STATUS is “Closed”) AND (SUBSTATUS is “Closed”))

Without this ability, filtering is not complete and I am incapable of showing correct data in a single widget.

Love to see the subitems just shows parent items. Hope I’m missing something?

It’s not very apparent, but the subitems do appear in the subitem filter. You just have to click on the arrow on the left to expand the subitems. The number on the right of the parent item indicates how many out of all subitems match your subitem filter condition.

For instance, I currently have a filter for subitems that have the status “Needs Attention.” My filter shows that out of all of the six subitems I have, three of them meet that condition. I can then expand my view and those three subitems will appear. Hope this helps.

Thanks for clarification there but seems silly that they don’t expand to show them. Ties in with another simple feature request which is a toggle on/off for all subitems to open up. Having to click everyone to see what’s going on is time consuming. Hoping someone has a workaround

Little update here: Filtering for dashboards and widgets is in gradual at the moment and soon it will be available to all accounts! So stay tuned if you still do not see it in your account!

Thank you for the info Juliette! It works :smiley: ! Keep up your great work :smiley:

well done!!! this was a frequently asked feature in this community