Hiding DONE subitems in dashboard views

Support suggested i created this as a feature request even though I believe it’s more of a bug / missing feature.

My case:
I have Timeline & Calendar dashboards to have an overview of tasks which are yet to be done by my team. I want the dashboard to be empty when all tasks are done. Through the advanced filter function i’ve set it as such:

Where Item Status IS NOT: “Done”
Where Subitem Status IS NOT: “Done”

Both my Timeline and Calendar dashboards keep showing subitems which are marked as DONE. According to support it’s expected behavior when the mainitem is not done yet and viceversa for a main item which is DONE to keep showing if subitems are not done yet.

However it does not make sense to keep showing subitems which are DONE when you ask the filter to only show them if they are not. There is no use to keep seeing these subitems.

I’m simply trying to filter out subitems marked as complete on the table view. Unfortunately, the filters only seem to apply to items.

I tried filtering by

Where Subitem Status IS NOT: “Done”

But that just filters down to all items that have at least one subitem that isn’t marked complete.

I’m feeling more and more baffled by the lack of common sense in Monday.com

We need this feature in our work as well. Archiving subitems is not a possibility for us because we need the record of what was completed. Also, reviewing the ‘archive’ of subitems is not helpful because there is no way to see which subitems belonged to which items in the ‘archive’ so it’s not helpful as an actual archive.

Please fix this bug so we can filter out ‘done’ subitems without hiding items themselves! Thanks