Default Views?

We have default views set for boards as well as within the “Updates”. Some of our boards ignore these “default” settings and always open in another view. And it is not the last view that was open prior to closing the board. A ticket was submitted and I received the *response below regarding default views which makes no sense to me and I wanted to verify that I am not off the mark on this. Doesn’t a “default” setting mean every time you open a board or an update it should open to this view?

For the issue with the board redirection, they clarified that the behavior is the board will land on the default view for the first time ever on the board, then on the last subset that was visited

Thanks for any insight!

Hey Angie,

I hear where you’re coming from and understand that this may be a little confusing.

The expected behaviour is as follows (and does align with the comments made by the support agent):

Once a board owner sets a default view, every time a user is visiting the board for the first time, they will be directed to the respective view. Otherwise, the last viewed view will be opened. This is saved locally, so even though the first time visit will be determined by the default view, any time after that will redirect each user to the last view they were on.

I appreciate that this may undermine what is expected of a default view and I have relayed this with the dedicated team internally. I apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding in advance :pray:

When I go to a board from “My Work” it always takes me to the main view and never to the default view or last view. It would be great to have the ability for links from My Work direct a user only to the default view.