Default Values missing when creating new item

I have “Board A” and “Board B”
I have an automation in Board A : “When an item is created create an item in Board B”
In board B I have some default values columns but when a new Item is created in Board B Via this automation these columns are not populated with their default values.
Only when I create an item in Board B (pressing on “new item”) I have this values.

Any suggestions?

Hey @jossefsi , you have to check 2 things:

  1. you have access to both board with same level of permissions
  2. you have same level of permissions in both workspaces - in case board B is located in another workspace as board A
    let me know please if you still have this issue

hi, thanks
I’m the owner…

And boards location !? are they in same workspace !?

No, different workspaces

Have you checked the permissions for you between workspaces !?

What do you mean?
I’m the owner of the account and the only user…
I think I have all the permission

בתאריך יום א׳, 12 במרץ 2023 ב-20:14 מאת Vahid Davani via monday Community Forum <>:

Just check if you are owner in workspace (Board B)

Ok now I understand that the problem is on Board B
Even when I’m clicking “create new item” in Board B there is no default values at all…

Maybe it’s because this is a template board?

Yes , you have to first make a new board from board B and then try to make a new item from board A to board B, so new items will gets new default value in new board B, as you set in the template(board B)

Ok, thank you very much!

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I use Groups within my board to segregate new duties.
In my set up, I have business licenses, annual reports, renewals and tax returns.
As an expiration date approaches, I have a separate GROUP called To be Filed and I have the item move to that section so I can see them all at once.
Not sure if that would help, but works great for me.
Good luck.