Email notification for multiple columns via automation

Hi everyone,

I have a board with several columns where folks upload files. I found an automation that can notify someone via email if a single column changes (i.e. a file is uploaded).

Is there a way to automate such notifications for selecting any of the columns I want vs doing single automations per column? i.e. if any of these columns change then notify X via email?

Thanks for any guidance you can offer.

No, unfortunately your choices are any column or one column for triggering automations. That said, a “when these columns change” and a selection of columns sounds like a great idea.

I tried finding an automation that said when any column changes but I didn’t see that. Do you have an example you know of?

All I see is item created, choose a single column, status changes, updates + are added, etc. Nothing as simple as “anytime something changes with an item, notify X people column”.

Actually, I am slightly mistaken. For app developers and the “webhooks” integration, there is a “when any column changes” trigger. But that doesn’t appear to exist for normal automations.

OK thanks I will look into webhooks

Well the webhooks you will need to use or Zappier to send your notifications with. But you will then get events for every column change you don’t need too, and have to pay to filter them too.

I’d suggest just creating multiple recipes for now, it is going to be the fastest and least costly way of doing this.