Can't access Workflow feature?

My client would like to use the Workflow feature, however when clicking + on the workspace, there is no option to crate a Workflow? As described in this article it should be right there


The article states it should be available to all “Standard + plans”. Does that mean the Standard plan and every plan above? or is there some special “Standard +” plan? If so, I can’t see a plan by that name in the plan options?

It’s very confusing when the system doesn’t match the instructions.


Unfortunately, this feature isn’t actually released for the general public yet. Those that do have the feature were granted access in the beta testing phase and probably got to keep it.

According to this post 2 weeks ago, the Monday team is hoping to get this feature released by end of the year

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Thanks Desmond. It would be great if Monday would make this clear since they showcased it as ‘released’ during their elevate keynote and have advertised it in their web article :person_facepalming:


check monday labs on top right corner by clicking on your avatar, things which are in beta can be activated from there.

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I don’t see it. Is it being rolled out to users slowly? Strange that a Pro user like myself which is also an Admin is still not able to see it.


Does anyone know if workflows are available in trial plans for business plus

Refer to the convo over here, as of today a lot of people still can’t access this feature.