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May community newsletter

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First up, check out our community giveaway

If you attended our recent AI & automation session with or and Noa (recording here) you may have heard them discussing the new features and our upcoming competition where you can share your innovative workflows using the new AI tools, and you could be one of our lucky swag winners!

The rules:

  1. Create a workflow with our AI features ( AI blocks)
  2. Share your creation with the community in a post (and share the link to your post below)
  3. Engage others and get noticed!

To join the competition, share your creations in our community forum or Facebook group, and make sure to tag me! Looking forward to seeing your creations.

Product updates

Check out there top new features and capabilities just released!

Automation enhancements

Last month we saw quick a few automations updates that will truly level up your productivity and workflows. Here are some of our favorites fully release automation enhancements for all our dedicated automations builders:

  • Automations run history: 10 days summary: Automation and workflow builders can see a summary of runs from the last 10 days, including the status of automations, numbers of runs, actions, and triggers.

  • Automation Analytics Page Permissions: Admins now have the ability to hide or display the Automation Usage Analytics page based on role permissions.

  • Automations run history: Display Billed Actions: Users can now see a breakdown of the automated actions that count towards their quota for each automation step and run in the automation run history, as well as in the monday Workflows run history.

  • New automation condition - if sub item column is empty: Users can now create automation recipes with a condition based on a sub-item column being empty (or full)!

New AI capabilities

  • AI Summarize block: You can now use AI to summarize text in item names and text columns in a short TL;DR format. This is great for monday WorkForms users and those that utilizes the “Long text” column in their projects/processes. This new feature is especially useful to create a quick overview of complex topics and to highlight key points.

  • AI improve text block: The new monday AI can improve text in item names and text columns. This is useful to review content to make sure it’s well-written, correct spelling and grammar and improving clarity of written content.

  • AI custom block: Use the new AI custom block in their automation recipes and freely prompt AI to fill in columns for you!

WorkCanvas Updates

In case you missed it, WorkCavnas added these two awesome capabilities:

  • More shapes: Users now have 50+ shapes to choose from when creating diagrams, including flowchart elements, Business Process Model and Notation shapes, and more.

  • Monday integration subitem support: and WorkCanvas users now have the ability to import sub-items onto their canvases, enjoying a 2-way sync between canvases and boards.

Interested in seeing all the new releases? Check out our whats new page.

May community sessions

Check out these upcoming live community sessions! You can view recordings of pass sessions here.

May 7: The evolution of monday WorkForms (Recording here)

may 16: Introducing monday portfolio

May 21: Biweekly sales CRM session (topic TBD, share your ideas!)

May 22: New features webinar

May 23: Mastering MyWork & notifications (zoom link coming soon)

May 30: Uncover the new monday service (Link coming soon)

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Loving the new AI features! Using AI to auto assign leads by Company Name