Automation for stages/groups

Is it possible to create a “catch all” automation in one automation setting? Scenario: I have 5-10 different groups and about 5 statuses. Instead of having one automation per status change (that would bit a lot of automation instances) it would allow me to control this in one automation. There’s not an AND/OR operator option to state if status = X, move item to Y, OR if status = X2, move item to Y2. I have to do this separately. Any way around this? Thank you.

Hi @dawnwrites - at this time there is no way to do this. monday is in BETA release of their new Workflow builder which will give much more enhanced ability for these types of cases.

You could always try to get yourself added to the BETA to see how well it works for you.

The other option is using our some other integration solution to handle this.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Mark, that helps!
Definitely interested in the automations beta and have applied.