Due Date Automations

Hey guys!

Appreciating all the love and hard work you’ve poured into automations and Monday overall.

Here’s my use case and request —

We currently have a KTBR (keep the business running) board that has separate groups for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly tasks. Automations currently generate a new task every weekday for our recurring daily KTBR tasks, every Monday for recurring weekly tasks, and every 15th for monthly (speaking of, would be kinda cool to have the ability to choose the first Monday of every month for recurring setups instead of choosing a static date).

That all works exactly as intended and we get our recurring tasks automatically generated no problems. The “issue” for us is due date — currently we can use automations to generate a due date but it applies to the whole board (not at a group level), i.e. automation assigns a due date xx days from creation date on every new ticket regardless of what group (daily/weekly/monthly) it is in.

It would be amazing if one (or both) of these due date automations could be implemented:

  1. Ability to set due date to xx days from creation date in the initial recurring automation (when we create the tickets initially)


  1. Ability to set due date to xx days from creation date on new tickets created in yy group.

Hopefully that makes sense. Looking forward to hearing other peoples thoughts on this.

  • Cody

Hey there, Cody.

This is possible using Integromat. You can have it watch for an item to be created in a certain group “Watch groups items” and then update each sequential column according to the criteria you select. In this scenario, adding xx days to the creation date column for one group vs. another. It’s not a native feature of Monday’s, of course, but would do the trick just fine!

I’ve also seen your post in the “moving items to new board (when columns don’t match)” and the same application, Integromat, can solve that issue as well! By using their “create an update” feature you can have it update with specific information when a specific behavior triggers it. It’d be well worth looking into!


Hey Mr. DJ (isn’t that in a Madonna song?)

Thanks for the pro tip! I’ll check out the integrations through Integromat. A challenge we’ve faced in the past (with say Zapier) is that the more tools we have interacting with our data the bigger the risk. We’re trying to balance simplicity of one tool with our companies strict data policy.

I’m not saying Integromat wouldn’t be perfect, it may very well be, just sharing insight into why we hadn’t gone too far done the integration pathway yet. Plus added cost lol.


Hello! I’m having a similar sticking point - I would love to set multiple due dates within one pulse based on the ‘launch date’ of that pulse. The current dependency automations can help if I were to manually input all dates, then change one, but the manual input is the piece I’d love to improve :slight_smile:


Agreed. Had the same request here → Item creation automation time-line column - #6 by Krishele

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Just want to 1+ Mr DJ’s response here. Integromat had a bit of a learning curve for me, but I’m now loving it for filling in the gaps where Monday.com’s features and native integrations fall short.

This particular scenario only required two modules, a webhook to watch the board on Monday, and a Monday v2 module that uses the “addDays” formula to update the Due Date column.