Using for Email Marketing

My company uses for keeping track of email marketing. My job is to make sure that emails get built, designed, and sent out for our clients on time. I have built out quite an extensive template that I use for our clients to keep track of many emails that go out in different time frames from once a week to twice a year. I love how makes things simple and easy to use, but most importantly easy to train others how to use.



Do you have automations?
also, in the grander scheme of things, do you have an annual calendar that maps what communications go out and when?

We have a very small communications operation and wanted to get more ideas on how to use the communications aspect of things with



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Would you be willing to share any screenshots @lobster my colleague does the same role and he struggles with a way to keep track on Monday. Thanks


I do have automations. Quite a few actually. I have 22 set up on each board. We have emails that go out anywhere from every week, to every month, 2 months, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. I have a group set up for each one, and then automations to send each email to the proper group depending on the time frame. I will share a screenshot of the template I created.

Also, as far as the large picture goes. I use the dashboards and the my week calendar. I have an automation set for if something is not scheduled to go out 2 days before the due date, I get an email from monday saying to get it done.

I will attach some screenshots of our automations. The only downside to the automations I found is that I had to do it the way shown in order to get different time frames on the same board. If you have any questions just let me know and I will see if I can help you out.

The automations send the email, once the due date arrives, to the need to sort group. Depending on what time frame you set that email for, it changes the due date that many weeks.

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@Lobster Really cool use case - thank you for sharing details here. A ton of folks have built out tracking templates for content generation of many types, but this is easily the most robust I’ve seen - again, thanks for sharing!

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