Send Email from Email Template in CRM Emails & Activities when Date reached Custom Automation

Previously, I was able to create an automation within a client’s CRM that when an item was created, it would send an email from a template to the email within the email column of the item. I can no longer create this automation within another client’s CRM environment. is this no longer available? What am I missing? I would think the date trigger would be available as well, but I can’t find a single trigger from the board that will initiate a templated email in the CRM via the emails & activities any longer. Please tell me I’m crazy.

Hey @kirstenPTS,

I am afraid including email templates (created through the Emails and Activities app) in automations isn’t currently possible - I apologise for the setback here. This isn’t a feature that we have released thus far, so please let me know if I’ve misunderstood. While you can customise emails from the gmail/outlook integration, at this stage, utilising the templates via the E+A integration isn’t yet supported :pray:

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