Email templates

Hi, We use Monday as a CRM tool. As a sales manager I have created some e-mail templates for use to both prospects and customers. I want my whole team to use the same templates. But when they access the prospect/customer boards they dont get to see the templates . Why? What do I need to do for them to see/use my email templates?

have you tried setting an automation?
if something happens send an email (that you created).
That way you can enter your template email once and it will automatically generate. you can also add to the automation if something happens send an email to “customer” and assign a team member/ send email to a team member/ notify a team member.

Thanks, but what I find strange is that logged in as me, I’m the only one that can see the templates I have created. My other team members (logged in as themselves) cant see the templates and for that reason can’t use them. They are not logged in as “guest” - they are all logged in as “member”.

What I’m asking is: If one of my team members want to send an email to a prospect/customer how do they access my email templates when they are logged in as themselves?

Are you using the CommuniHub to send emails? There is a templates section within there, or is that what you’re referring to?

Hi There @robdraz! Did you find a solution for this? I also want to share my e-mail templates with my whole team and do not want the e-mails automated so we can personalize the e-mails prior to sending out. As you were mentioning, I’d like to use the features in Monday rather than using an outside app if it’s possible. Hopeful you found a resolution :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers: