Shared templates in Emails&Activities

Hey monday users,

My name is Olga - and I’m here as part of the monday sales CRM team.

I am the knowledge manager for CRM - meaning I have a lot of knowledge that ill be sharing :slightly_smiling_face: Ill be sharing new releases, updates, features and everything CRM related.

So, having said that, I/we are excited to announce that we’ve just released the well anticipated shared templates functionality under Emails&Activities. :tada:

What does this mean?

Your high-converting emails can now be saved as a template. Not only that - they can now be shared with your team/colleagues etc! This features increases productivity, saves you time by eliminating drafting email after email - allowing you to focus on what matters most - closing deals!

Please note, this awesome feature is only available for monday sales CRM product users.

For more info, please see here.

I would love to get your feedback, comments etc about your thoughts not only on this feature, but anything CRM related. Feel free to tag me and I will answer any questions etc.



Yay! This feature was a well anticipated one! We hope you all enjoy it as much as we do and would love to hear your comments regarding it :heart_hands:


This is an exciting feature. I look forward to emails in automations being able to have html formatting to upload logos, change weights of text, and more reader friendly.


Thank you for this update @Olga - this has been a much anticipated feature!

I do have some questions about what it means to be a “sales CRM product user”. Up until post I had assumed that the CRM functionality was being built out as part of the core Monday product - but it sounds like there is a separate CRM experience that is a different license where using features like this would require we use a different workspace rather than a layer of functionality on our current workspaces and boards - is that correct?

If so - is there any documentation sharing what email/CRM functionality is available in the core Monday product and what extra features are available in the CRM experience?

Hey Christopher,

You are correct - we have monday sales CRM product which is a ready-to-go solution for sales pipeline management. Here you can find more information on what products are.

I’m adding here a section from our Knowledge Base containing all the articles for the CRM product.

And as for the specific features we currently offer, we have a list here and some of the unique features that are Emails&Activities related - here.

Hopefully this answers your question. let me know if there is something else I can help with :slight_smile:

Thank you Olga -
Those links are super helpful, I appreciate your time to put them together. In our case - we are not interested in the full CRM product with deals and funnels, but there are some features like shared templates for Emails & Activities that we would be interested in. I reached out to support to find out how much the CRM product would cost as an add-on, but it sounds like because we are on “classic architecture”, it isn’t currently an option for us to add on additional Monday products.

I guess the follow up question I have is whether you anticipate that Emails & Activities app in the Core Monday product will continue to be developed - or will all new features in that space happen in the CRM product?