Setting one date column based on another date column?

I have an application where I want to create an item on a board. When this happens I will use automation to set one of the date columns to the date that was in the item (from another board) that will trigger this automation. I would ALSO like to have this new item (on a new board) pull in the original date, but also set another date column to the business day before the original date.

For example I trigger an automation for Item A which has a “Bid Date” of May 22nd, 2023 (which is a Monday). This will create a new item on another board which will have another column titled “Due Date” which will need to be the business day before the “Bid Date”. So in my example, a “Bid Date” of May 22nd would result in a “Due Date” of May 19th (the business day before the “Bid Date”).

I am not worried about holidays on this, I just wanted to see if there was a way to do this with a 5-day business week. I poked around with the formula column a bit but was not immediately seeing how I could do it with that, plus I think that would result in loss of functionality since it would no longer be a “Date” value? Thanks!

Hi @Boom929 !

Assuming the Bid Date and Due Date dates always have the same “distance” ( for example Due Date is always 3 days before Bid Date ) you would need these:

If you need to take into consideration working days and the “distance” is not always the same, this becomes a more complex matter. It would possibly require something like

Hope this helps!

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