Can i set a deadline/date based on another columns date?


I am quite new to monday and automations so maybe there is a simple solution.
I am mirroring manufacturing deadlines from another board and i want my deadline to be 3 weeks earlier. The deadline for the manufacturing is set by my coworker so basing it on “set today” is not an option.

What else can i try?


Hey @DanielVork ~ Welcome to the Community :wave:

We do not have an automation that will set a date X number of days before/after a different date is set at this time.

You can always use a formula to calculate what the date 13 days before the mirrored date is:
FORMAT_DATE(SUBTRACT_DAYS({Mirror Column Name}, 13), “MMM DD”)

However, formulas are not supported in Automations at this time so if you needed to have any notifications triggered based on the date shown in the formula, this wouldn’t be possible with our internal capabilities.

However, you can then use the General Caster app to help move that information from the formula column to a date column so you can run additional automations!

Do note that General Caster was not developed by the team. As such, we don’t have any control over its functionality – and do not provide support for setting it up. Our team has reviewed it against our security and privacy guidelines, but we cannot fully certify it.

You can also contact the developer of General Caster for any questions about the app - @rob

If you do want to try it out, I’d recommend checking out the app details in the marketplace here: The monday apps marketplace. You can review the app’s documentation (and applicable privacy policies) and install it if you choose.

To learn more about security in the monday apps marketplace, check out this article: Understanding apps marketplace security

I hope that’s helpful! :slight_smile:


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