Setting Dates Based on Other Dates

I’ve got a board with 4 dates columns in it. When I set the first date, I want the other three dates (which are due date columns) to be automatically set at varied intervals (for Due Date 1, 11 days before Post Date, for Due Date 2, 9 days before Post Date, etc). Is this possible? Using automations, figured out how to adjust the dates if they’re already set, but I can’t figure out how to set the dates. Thanks for any input!

Some background if helpful: This board is essentially a social media calendar. Post Date is the date the post will go live. Due Date 1 is when the “Creation” stage should be completed, Due Date 2 is when the Approval stage should be done, and Due Date 3 represents the due date for the post being “Scheduled”


Hey @radicalmentoring, interesting case here. One thought, you could set all 4 dates via automation when the item is initially created and then use your current automations to push the dates when the post date is changed?




Hey Mark! Thanks for taking a minute to provide feedback. I think your idea would definitely
work, although it’s still an extra from what I’d love to happen. Gotta take what we can get though, right? I will pitch it to the guy who will be working off this board and see if he finds this solution helpful!

I’ve run into this a couple of other times as well. I think Mark’s solution is pretty good if you need each date to trigger another automation. The problem is that the dates are set at item creation are a little misleading until Date gets set.

Another option which I recently discovered is to set formula columns to equal the other dates.
FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS({Date},11),“YYYY-MM-DD”). Problem with this is you can’t trigger automation on formula/date column
BUT if you need to trigger an automation based on ‘Date1’ or ‘Date2’ then you can set an automation to run “N” number of days AFTER the date arrives. see a sample. I’ve just set this up a couple of days ago, but logically it all works out, and I think is the best solution for this type of use-case.

Let me know if you use it and if it works out!

Hey Tim, thanks for sending your thoughts on this. I got the formula to work (first time I messed with formulas on, pretty cool!) in that it will populate the column with the date I want. Only problem now is that because it’s a formula column, it can’t be connected up my a status column as a “deadline.” It would still take an extra step to go and set the due date columns to match the formula columns so I’m thinking it’s probably just easier to set them all manually, unless I’m missing something obvious that you see!

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Gotcha, yes I think that may be a limitation. I have successfully used integromat for doing a real automation to set Date1 N number of Days after Date2. And its a pretty straightforward scenario. But if that’s the only thing you are looking to do in integromat then setting the column manually may very well be the best way forward. (especially since you need the deadline feature.)

FYI The integromat scenario does successfully work with deadlines in case you are interested.


Totally agreed with @radicalmentoring that it’s still a 2-step process. Would love to see one of 2 easy solutions to this:

  1. The ability to have a “set as deadline” option for the Formula Column
  2. A date column that can mirror values in the Formula Column.
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Bumping this up. Anyone have an idea on how to do this natively in Monday but for different tasks rather than in different columns? I am building a project plan for building openings that will happen again and again for different projects. I’d like to be able to input one date (building open) and cascade all of the others based off of this primary date (eg. construction complete 30 days before building open).


Hello there! I’m working on a similar project that have exactly the same requirements. You can accomplish what you want using dependency columns, automations, and finally, using a date anchor on templates to reflect all those changes on upcoming projects. You’ll have to do it one time, but it works flawlessly after. Give it a try.

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Hi, @nolanhausler - How are things going with your Workspace Template setup for your project plans? :slight_smile:

Hi, if your dates are in an item you can do it using the General Caster app (set it to trigger with date A column changes, have the formula create the new date, and cast this to column B)… I use this at the moment, but actually have a need to do the same think on subitems, but at the moment GC cannot trigger on subitems… however Monday are updating the automations to allow you to use any combination of trigger with both Mondays recipes but also apps, so think this will shortly be possible (ie use Monday Automation When subitem column changes to trigger the GC formula and cast the result to any column ! :slight_smile: should be much more powerful soon… good work Monday dev team!

Hi @MHaigh - I like this solution and I’ve been playing around with it, but I can’t quite get the formula to spit out the right date. What formula should I be using to create the right date? I want to Date B to be 1 week prior to Date A (called Post Date on my board).

This is the formula I used in the setting up the General Caster intergration and it gives me an error every time - FORMAT_DATE(SUBTRACT_DAYS({item’s Post Date},7))

I tested the functionality in a basic formula column and it works correctly using this formula - FORMAT_DATE(SUBTRACT_DAYS({Post Date},7))

As you’ll noticed, the Post Date column appears differently in each formula {item’s Post Date} vs {Post Date}. I auto-inserted it in each method and that is what they produced. I’ve tried both versions in General Caster and neither works however.

Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

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@MHaigh nevermind. I just figured it out! General Caster doesn’t use the add or subtract days formulas but they provided workarounds here -

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Hi, I would be also interested in an easy native solution for dependant timelines on main item and dates on sub itmes.

I have a repeating projects so it’s important for me to automate timelines.

I created automation where by changing the first items Timeline the other item timelines adjust automatically. Screenshot, if anybody is interested.

The problem is that Subitem dependencies cannot be linked to Items. Therefore I would have to put manually every time the timelines of Subitems. I cannot find solution for this, can anybody advise please?

I saw this discussed in a few places and one year ago this was said to be implemented by team. Am I missing something?

I am looking for the exact same thing! Has anyone found a solution for this?

I am looking for the same solution! Any creative idea on this? It seems such a basic feature for project management.

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