Is there a way to set dates for all the columns based on the first date present in the board items

I have created a board where I have set the date on the first item of the board. Now, I want to create an automation that can automatically set due dates for all the board items based on the first date present

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Whilst you can’t currently have the dates populate automatically when filling in the first item on the board, you can have dates change and update based on the first item.
You can achieve this using the Dependency feature. This allows you to create connections between different items on a board, so that a change in one item will trigger changes in the connected items.

You can use different automations with the Dependencies to determine how the subsequent item dates should behave when the first date is changed. For example, you can ensure that the date of a subsequent item always comes after the date of the item before it, or you can ensure subsequent dates are moved by the same number of days that the first item is moved by.

Because this requires a date to be populated within the board, I would recommend creating a template board. You can fill this with sample data, and simply change the first date for the board as you need.
With the dependency automations set up, this should trigger a cadence to change all of the following items on the board.

You can read more about the dependency feature here: How to Set Dependencies on

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