Automation when creating new board from template

My apologies if this has been discussed before, jus testing to see if it meets our requirements.

I’ve created a board template with tasks already pre-populated. The dependencies between tasks as far as due dates is already setup. Since the due dates don’t get updated unless there is a date set, is there a way to set a date for all items in a board on creation of the board?


Hey @pbeaudry this is possible if you setup your template as a ‘workspace’ template.
there are a number of articles here with help on anchor dates. here is one with a little more context: Automatically adjusting a set of timelines to align with a campaign launch date

@PolishedGeek is very well versed on the anchor date / workspace template :smiley:


hi @pbeaudry

Welcome to the community! As @timlittletech mentions you can try do do this with workspace templates and an anchor date, but I am not sure the dependencies will get triggered in that scenario.

We are almost finished with a an app called “Advanced Dependency Planning” that works like Wrike. That app is designed to be used in a template and boards derived from that template will have all te dependencies in them. It support the Finish-Start, Start-Start, Finish-Finish and Start-Finish (deadline planning mode).

Thanks @timlittletech, took some doing for a novice, but I got it to work.

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Thanks @basdebruin, I ended up using @timlittletech suggestion and adding automation to adjust the dates based on dependency. I just have to figure out the rest now.

Hey @pbeaudry! So glad to hear you found a solution! Let us know if you have any questions or if we can help with anything at all by writing to! :blush:

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