Automating Due Dates for new create boards

Hello everyone,

I’ve established a template board that contains several groups, each tailored to different onboarding processes. Now, I’m curious if there’s a method to automate the process of assigning distinct due dates to various groups when creating new boards based on this template.

For example, lets say the board gets created on Jan 1, I would make an automation to set certain items’/groups’ due dates 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, etc., after today.

Looking forward to your suggestions!


If you can switch to the Timeline column from the date type, you can just shift the dates!

It’s easy to convert a date-type to a Timeline:

I do believe a solution could be customized using automations, but it would take some more information and time to design. I hope you find the right solution!

Shawna at Launch Point

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