Automatically set date to today when creating a board from template

I am setting up an HR Onboarding template for our company. I have created a template from which we will then create a unique board for each individuals to check off their onboarding activities.
My issue is that I need to automatically populate the start date of all columns listed in the board as “today” which will then give a due date for each task. (I have a “Days to Complete” column with numbers in and then a “Due Date” column)
So - can I automatically set the date in the “Date Board Created” Column rather than having to click through a large number of rows to add manually?
Many thanks

Hi Miffy,

This is probably possible to do via automation. However, I’m concerned about your complaint regarding “selecting rows manually”.

You should be able to select an entire group by clicking in the checkbox to the left of the header row.

Additionally, you can select all items on a board (up to 500) by using ctrl + A on Windows or command + A on mac.

Hopefully that helps.

Oh My! I was looking for something far too clever and that simple trick absolutely helps. Can you tell I’m new to this? Thank you so much.

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