Ability to autofill an entire column with one date from a single item in another board

I am new to Monday and am in charge of setting up the work environment for my organization. I am currently working on how we onboard new employees. We have one template, which is all of the items that need to be done when there is a new employee. This board uses two date columns (hire date and due date) and a numbers colum to adjust the due date of an item when the hire date is changed.

At the moment, the hiring manager has to select all of the items and then change the hire date is reflected throughout the entire column. I want to know if there is a way to automate this so they only have to put in the hire date once.

I also have another board that is the list of all new employees. So when a new employee is hired, their name and email is added to this board and their item board is automatically created from the template. I have managed to do that automation, but the issue is that the hiring manager then needs to go in and manually fill in the hire date and themselves in each of the items in the task board. I would like to automatically fill these two columns based on the employee board so that everyone who has to do tasks for the new hire immediately recieves those tasks.

I would appreciate any help or ideas on how to approach this. I’ve been going through the Monday documentation for several days and am still trying to wrap my head around these types of automations, and whether or not they are possible.