Autofill columns with one item by clicking on the header

Please allow us to autofill all columns with one item. For example, if I want to assign all items in a group to be due on the same date, I should be able to click the top of the column, choose a date, and apply it to all items in the group. Similarly, assigning one person to all items in a group rather than doing them all individually.

This would hugely help when we’re creating new boards from templates, and have the same deadlines for each item.

It could be right in drop down on the of the board “set default person,” “set default date” etc.:

hi @Ckryspin

Welcome to the community! Something similar can be achieved by selecting all items on the board (you can use contrl-A to do so) and set the date for one item. All selected items will be updated with the same date.

OH MY GOODNESS. Gamechanger. Thank you!

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