Create a template with the same timeline structure, adjust dates automatically

For one of my clients, I have a series of about 15-20 steps that have to take place from start to finish on any given project. These dates are spaced out exactly the same for every single project. I’ve created a template, but I’m at a loss for how I can update the main “Due Date” on the template and automatically have all other dates adjust accordingly.

Item A and item B may occur 1 business day apart, while items C and D could be 4 business days apart, so a formula specific to an entire column won’t work.

hi @araetzloff

Welcome to the community. It may sound frightening but it is really simple. Click your avatar > developers and then hit create app button. Give the app a name and possibly a logo and hit “Create feature”. In the popup click “Workspace templates”. Give the feature a name, description etc and take note of what is called the “Date anchor”.

On the top left you will find 2 views. The current view is “Feature details” and when you switch to “Workspace” you can select an entire workspace that holds the board you want to reuse every time, maybe some other boards and dashboards etc.

The “Date anchor” is your reference date where all other dates are dependent on. When creating a new workspace using your own app you will be prompted to enter a new date.

See: monday Apps - Workspace Templates

I’ve worked through the first few steps with no problem, but when I get to Feature Details, there are no Workspaces for me to select.

Do you have workspace in your account? Also: I think you need to be account admin but not 100% sure.

Hey @araetzloff ~ Welcome to the Community! :wave:

If you need to push the dates within an item or across items in a workflow template, then it sounds like you might be looking for our Dependency abilities!:

Here is a quick loom to explain one of our “Adjust” recipes to better explain the concept and use-case of an anchor date: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile: