Create a template with the Amount of days already set up for each task

I would like to create a template, where the board have the amount of days required for a specific task. The when I multiply it I only put the start day and it fills the entire board.

Hey Cesar, The way to do this is with the dependency column.

Make a template and set up your days/timelines and then set up dependency for each item following the previous. Set the first date as January 1st for simplicity and then when you duplicate it just change the date to your actual start date then all the automations will run and your project will be laid out.

Hi Jack,

Thanks for the response.

We did this and worked.

We didn’t find a way to make dependencies between the Items and Subitems.

Do you know if this is possible?


You can’t make sub-items dependent on items I believe.

So you’d need to set a secondary dependency network within all the sub-items on a board. But what you could do if you don’t want it all connected is set up sub-item dependencies within an item and then connect the first sub-item within each to a sub-item ‘Project Launch’ or something at inception so it still moves when you change the first date so they’ll be roughly in the right place. But I do believe that move all sub-item dates if item date changes is missing.

If you are using sub-items within each item, a better use case might be to just use sub-item dates and then make a summary on the parent item.