Linking a template's timeline to a start date

Hello. We’re setting up a template board for an upcoming construction project. When we set it up we’ll put in the length of time each task will take… site setting out: 3 weeks, framework construction: 2 weeks, etc. In these timelines are tied to actual dates. Let’s say I’m starting this project on Sept 1 of this year. If I want to use the same template for a future project that starts on say Jan 1 of next year with the same lengths of time for each task, is there a way I can automatically have the timelines shift. Dependencies may not work as not every task is dependent on another, so we don’t want things to shift together in the middle of the project in case we need to change only certain things. If the project is, as an example, 6 months long, we just want the entire 6 months to be able to start on a future date. Any suggestions? thanks!

Hi, Michael @thedandyco - Yes, this is possible! You have to use a little-known method of creating a template called a Workspace Template. That will allow you to set an anchor date and when the template is used it will automatically sync the date of creation vs. the “anchor date” to adjust all of the dates in the entire template.

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