Schedule the template with variable dates

Dear Community,
we have the same process for different projects, but the schedule varies more often. Therefore my question if it is possible to create a template with variable dates, say (+2d +1w ) etc instead of a fixed date.


Hi @aktivmax couple of clarifying questions:

  1. Are you doing a board template for your projects?
  2. have you tried using the timeline column in your template, which allows you to change the duration of each task/milestone in the project?
  3. do all projects vary on timelines? Or are there ‘common’ schedules/timelines for projects.

one thing that I’ve found successful for project that follow same process but have different timelines is to set up a template board with some default values for the timelines. and then at project start go in and change the duration of each item. Obviously there is a manual step here, but if the timelines are always different I don’t know of a good way to automate the complex task of assigning unique timelines for each project/task…

hope that helps.

Hey @aktivmax ~ Welcome to the community!

As @timlittletech mentioned, we do need a bit more information regarding how you plan on distinguishing the dates for each item in your template as there are multiple options for setting or changing dates automatically.

Could you please send a screenshot of the board you have set up as well so we can all take a closer look at what you have built so far? A description of how you decide the dates for each item would be helpful as well :slight_smile:

In the meantime, as a quick example of the options you have, I would recommend checking out these features:

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile: