Create Date Column Dependency: Set Date 3 Business Days Prior to Another Date Column

Hi there,

Once Date 1 Column is manually set, I’d like to automatically set Date 2 Column three business days prior to the Date 1 Column. For instance, if Date 1 Column is Monday, May 6th, then Date 2 Column should automatically update to Thursday, May 2nd.

I had a similar issue, and found General Caster, an integrated app, will apply the update via a formula.

You will need to set your automation as “When Date 1 Column changes, perform formula (see below) and cast result to Date 2 column.”

Formula: TEXT(DATEVALUE({item’s Date 1}) - 3, “YYYY-MM-DD”)

I’m not a big fan of having to use the integrations (as I really dislike micro-transactions), but I’ll be honest that General Caster is actually very helpful & does have a free version with 500 operations allowed a month. Depending on your use, that may be more than enough for what you need.

Hope this helps!

zzBots has the ability to do this by setting up a bot to where when Date 1 has been updated then update Date 2 of that item to 3 days in the future.

If you interested in getting this set up, just chat with us on our website.