Day of the week automation, ie. - Every Sunday - Pay Period

We’re using Monday boards for keeping track of employee’s time for the week, with viewing permissions on each column. However keeping the items grouped together in a pay period in an easy to read way was proving to be a manual event every pay period ending.

  • There is the the Item,
  • a Date column,
  • Time Tracking column - called “(Cheryl’s) Time”,
  • a number column - “# days until Next Pay Period”
  • another Date column - “Next Pay Period Start Date”

I have the automations create, individually, every “day of the week” (Every week on Monday create an item),
(Every week on Tuesday create an item), etc.
the item is the day of the week name and a number in the number spot in the item creation in the automation recipe.
Our pay periods are weekly, M-Su.

For the Numbers column:

  • Monday’s Number is 7
  • Tuesday’s Number is 6
  • Wednesday’s Number is 5
  • Thursday’s Number is 4
  • Friday’s Number is 3
  • Saturday’s Number is 2
  • Sunday’s Number is 1

Then I used the General Caster Integration:

  • When column changes, perform formula and cast result to

This looks like

  • When # days until Next Pay Period changes, perform formula (formula follows integration recipe) and cast result to Next Pay Period Start Date
    TEXT(DATEVALUE({item’s Date}) + {item’s # days until Next Pay Period}, “YYYY-MM-DD”)


  • 1 day before (at 10 PM), Next Pay Period Date arrives move item to Previous Week (group)

This allows be to have automations to move an entire group (week) at a time.