Formula or automation for tasks due this week or next week

Hello, I am moving my task management into I have one board for all of my tasks with several groups. I would like to have items automatically move to a “this week” or “next week” group based on their due dates. Is there an automation or formula column solution to this?


It sounds like one of these templates would probably get you started:

Jim - The Monday Man (YouTube Channel)
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Hi @nsheetz86

Looks like @JCorrell solution will do the job (but only when the date arrives). There is also an app (Date Controlled Groups) that does run on a defined schedule and moves all your items depending on how far the date is from the point the scheduler rus (e.g. 2 days, 3 weeks etc). It also support negative values so that you can keep the items due last week in the last week group and older items in an archive group. The app can be found here: Apps Marketplace

This is an example of my recipes in a board:

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