Automate Moving Items to groups


To ensure, the syncing of all Meetings with Monday n order to evaluate workload, I connected Outlook calendar to my workspace.

When I create a meeting in outlook it creates an item inMonday, and this works like a charm.

But when I want to move that item newly created to a group according to its name, it is impossible apprently as Formulas aren’t usable in automation.

It is quite disapointing as i cannot do anything with automation in fact.

I am willing to:

A) Move the item into a group
B) Assign a person
C) Set the time line according to Outlook start and end dates so that I can use the workload.

Despite having creating formulas that would exytact the right Groups from the Items names, I found no way to move accordingly.

The timeline setting is apprently possible with general caster, but I have to wait for my admin to install it.

The more I try to use monday, th more I am disapointed… I left Excel but honestly I could do all this in excel with power automate, but seems that Monday is in fact way behind and that automation isn’t really automation.

I would be happy if someone tell me I am wrong but after more than a week, …

Hi @GillesEXO ,
You can Automate Moving Items to groups using Make Platform.

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But I don’t get it why monday doesn’t do it in its standard functionalities…

Then they shouldn’t say that they have “automation”

Looks like if Excel would have a " + " but you need to pay a plugin for a " -" function !!

On the Top my Data would be seen… what for?