Moving item to groups divided by months

Hi there! Im trying to figure out is there a way to set proper automation for me needs.
I have a board for new client inquiries with form to fill. This board is divided on groups which represent months. When client is filing the form there are two dates - one is the date when inquiry is created and second it the date of an event he is asking (event agency). I want automations to move the new created item (inquiry) to proper group so for example - if the date of the event is 23 september I want thin new item to appear in group called september. Is this possible?

Hello @Customart,

If you create a formula column with returns a number for each month (1 = January, 2= February, etc.). Then you can create an automation like this:

I hope this helps.

Hi @Customart , @tibor93

Unfortunately you can’t select a formula column in the custom recipe. Formula columns are client based and can therefore not be used in automations. You can solve the use case by using an external service (like Make or a monday app) but it does require you to do things outside monday. There is an app called “Date Controlled Groups” but that moves items to groups specified by the amount of days from the day the item is created, e.g. next week, next month etc.

I would be interested to do the same.
Are there any other workaround to achieve this without using a program such as Make ?