Group by Timeline start date into either This Month, Next Month

I apologise if this is a newbie question but is it possible to group items into either a This Month group or Next Month group based on the start date of a time line column?

Would I use automation?

Any advice or help would be much appreciated.

Hi @paulgee

I don’t think there is a standard automation for this but I can build it and offer it in my app where I also do other automations. What would be the trigger to move the item and how do you envision the goup names are called?

I would envision it being triggered daily (say on turning midnight) and then based on the date value being the same move items to the current month or if it is current month+1 move to next month group… hopefully that makes sense.

hi @paulgee,

Sure it makes sense and making it a scheduled item is certainly something that is achievable. We build these kind of integrations but to be able to offer them at a very low price we need to make them as standard as possible. Therefore I am still puzzling how to name your groups, probably the best thing to do is to extract the group name from the date (like July 2020) and create the group when it does not exists. This will end up in 12 new groups per year :slight_smile:. Is this something you are looking for?

Thanks for your response, I really just wanted to establish I wasn’t missing some capability that already existed. We aren’t at the stage of committing to paid development as we have only just started to explore whether Monday meets our needs or not.

I appreciate your quick reply though.

No problem, we are just gathering ideas for creating those small bits and pieces that are missing in the standard automations.