Automation / Integration to move entire group?

Hi All,
I’m currently building a “timesheet” using different automations and integrations - basically there is a Board called “Timesheet”. Each Month it creates a new group called “Month Year” (i.e. March 2023) and then creates a group called “Date” (1st March 2023).

I’m looking to move each monthly group to a different board on the 1st of the month.

Is there a way to automate moving a whole group to a different board?

I looked into this and am sorry to say that I could not find an automation that could help with this, and I could not configure one by my self due to Monday in this case…
There is a move to Board, and there is a trigger when on date, dates arrive or so… but them together is not possible in one automation.
So here is a work around.

On dat move to group, when items are created in group, move to board…