Categorising tasks by month


Wehave created our boards and want to create groups for “this month” and “next month”.

I have attempted to set up an automation using:

I have also tried the same method but using 1 month before due date and 2 months before due date.

However these automations aren’t working and the tasks aren’t moving into the correct groups.

I have also tried to use date controller, but it moves all items (including those we have moved to completed or on hold)

Any one know how to resolve this?

hi @Carrie,

Welcome to the community! The issue with these automations is that they run only 30 or 60 days before the due date. When you create a new item (let’s say due in 85 days) it will stay in the group where you created it and only after 15 days it will move to the group “Next month”.

The good news is that there is an app called Date Controlled Groups, see that runs every specified interval (e.g. once per day) and reorder your items according to the specified rules.

You will end up with something like this:

More info at 50|Date Controlled Groups - Excellent Team


Thanks for your response. It is fine that they stay there until the 60 days or 30 days prior, The issue I am having is that even if the due date is tomorrow, the automation I have set up isn’t moving the object to the correct group.

I have installed Data Controlled Groups and it looks like it might work (at a cost), it seems to be doing the same set up as the automation rules I set up though annoyingly. Just wish I could get the Monday rules to work properly.

hi @cwilliams

Yes, there is a (small) costs for every app that enhances

The reason that an item that is created with a due dat 7 days from now is not moved is that the trigger (in case of the standard monday automations) is set to fire 60 days before due date, so it won’t fire on 59, 58, 57… days before due date. That is why the mentioned app triggers daily :slight_smile:

Hi @basdebruin! I do believe you intended this reply for @cwilliams. But, I enjoyed learning about this too :slight_smile: