Moving items between groups depending on date period

One of my boards are grouped in ‘this week’, ‘next week’ & ‘future’. At the end of each week I’d like the items grouped in ‘next week’ moved to ‘this week’, and any items grouped ‘future’ with a date that falls within the next week, to move to the ‘next week’ group.

All of the correct triggers and actions seem to be available in Monday, but I can’t find a combination that is allowed by Monday! It’s quite frustrating.

I can’t be the only person organising a board like this, so am I missing some clever (or laughably simple) trick?



Hi @Kieron101 - this is possible using a couple of simple automation. Basically, use the “when date arrives” and you can control how far before the date arrives as the trigger. For example you can have it set for 7 days before for this week and 14 days before for next week. Assuming you items start in the “future” group.


Hope this helps!

Hi Mark,

I can’t believe I missed the fact you can change the trigger to be x days before the date, the option is right there!

It’s not perfect, because ideally I’d like to move all items due next week to move on that Sunday. Because then I’m not cluttering my ‘this week’ group with next weeks activities, until it really is next week.

But I can’t use the reoccurring trigger, so this is a nice middle ground.

Thanks for the help!

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hi @Kieron101

It looks like the app Date Controlled Groups supports your use case. The app has two integrations:

  1. every time period reorder the items in groups specified in the “Date Controlled Group” recipes
  2. on scheduled event check this date and when due in duration move item to this group

With (2) you define what is ‘next week’ or any period you want. Normally you would have one of those integration recipes for each group.

With (1) - only one per board - you define when the reordering (according to the recipes in (2)) should take place. In you case that would be each Sunday.

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