Automation: If status - then after X timeperiod - create item


I would like to see if anyone have a solution for my problem.

What I’m trying to make happen is:
We offer hosting with updates. Not every customer (board) that we have is buying hosting tho, so I would like just the hosting-customer to have the automation.

I would like it to work in the way that a status is set on an item in a “hosting” group, on these boards. The automation i want is:
If status is “Active hosting” - Then create item “Update site” in the “hosting-group” - every 3 months after that “active hosting” was set (So I dont want all off these items being created in the same day, ex: first of january, first of march, etc.).


This will take two recipes:

This one sets a date column to the date in the future you want the “Update site” item created, this is the initial action.

This second recipe, will trigger when the date set in the first recipe arrives, and then creates the item you want, then pushes the date by another 3 months so that the next time it arrives it creates the next update site items. It will do this as long as active hosting is set.

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Looks like a great solve - trying it out now - thank you for such a quick respons!

That was the solve for problem nr. 1.

Now I got a problem nr. 2:

  1. I want to get a notification to a team from the item created, when created.
  2. I want the item created to set a date in 7 days for reminder to a team if not solved.


ON the board where the item is created for the updates:

The due date column is going to get set from based on the date on the other board (3 month) when you create the item (so map the value to this date)

This one would then trigger when that due date arrives, and if the status is not done, send another notification.