Change status from Done back to Working On It - AND move that task back to original group?

We just started using Monday this week, so I’m really new to all of this. My apologies in advance if I’m not using the correct terminology. I did search for this but couldn’t find anything definitive.

I started with the “Single Marketing Project” template just to play around. My test groups are:

  1. Planning
  2. Writing
  3. Done

When a status is changed to DONE, the built-in automation moves it to the Done Tasks group. That’s great.

But what about the other direction? What if I need to “reopen” a DONE task (for whatever reason)?

Something like this:

If Status changes to Working On It
Move item to [back to the original group it came from]

I can create an automation to move the task to a specific group but I can’t seem to tell it to “go back where you originally came from” – which could be any group.

I know you can drag and drop, but I was hoping there’d be an automation.

I hope all that makes sense. Thank you for your patience!

Hello Stan,

Welcome to the monday communities!

Glad to hear you are just getting started using Monday.

What you are looking for is something like this:

When Status changes to Working on It from Done
Then move item to In Progress (group)

Hope this helps, if you need anything else I’d be more than happy to help.

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Thanks for your quick reply, Giannis! That would work if we used groups to indicate status like “In Progress.” But in this case, the main groups are functional – Planning, Writing, Done.

Items that end up in the Done group could come from any group – in this case, Planning or Writing. So if I change a status from “Done” to “Working on it” – I want the item to go back where it originally came from.

But in the automation, I can only choose a specific group to move it to. I can’t seem to find a way to say, “When Task1 status changes from Done to Working On it – AND if Task1 came from the Writing group – THEN move it back to the Writing group.” Similarly, if Task1 originally came from the Planning group, move it back to Planning.

I don’t want items that came from Writing to go back into Planning, for example.

Hi @oldfatdog,

Monday doesn’t keep a history of item group changes, so it can’t be done this way.

You may want to consider a different board structure: for instance, add a column for each of your stages. Like a “Planning” column (with values like Not Started, Working on it, Done) and a “Writing” column with the same values. Then you create automations to move the items to the Done group if planning and writing are set to Done (not sure if the items all go through both stages, if not, then only changing one of the 2 columns to Done moves the item to the Done group).

Then if you want to revert the automation, you can base it on the Planning and Writing column values.

That makes sense. I also tried adding individual “Done” groups for each “working” group.

Group 1A – Planning
Group 1B – Planning Done

Group 2A – Writing
Group 2B – Writing Done

That works, too. It may be the long way around the barn, but for now it’s a solution.

Hello again @oldfatdog .

I misunderstood your initial post. It is just like @GCavin is saying. There currently is no way to keep track of an item’s group history, so what he suggested and what you have actualized is the currently the best solution. Not perfect but should work for you.