In (Selectable Group) when status changes to "Done", move to (Selectable Group)

In a board with multiple groups, being able to pick which group the item moves from,

Example: Board as groups A, B, C, D.

“In Group A, when status changes to “Done”, move to Group C”

While also being able to create an auto such as “In Group B, when status changes to “Done”, move to Group D.”

With the current automation available, a “Done” status update means any “Done” status update in all groups, would move to the same group.

hi @DimTaniels

Welcome to the community! What you are requesting is exactly what the app “Status Controlled Groups” does. This is the recipe:


The app can be found in the marketplace here and in our app-store here.


Hey @DimTaniels I’m curious on your use-case here.

Have you tried having a second status column that associates the group to the status?
e.g. status 1 is ‘New’ ‘Working on it’ ‘Done’
status 2 is ‘Group A’ ‘Group B’ ‘…’

You could set the automation to update status 2 based on existing status 2, and then anytime status 2 changes to a different group another automation to move to correct group… (OR try the new beta feature for grouping by status 2)

I think your feature request would reduce the number of automations, but I do think the workflow is certainly attainable with existing automations.

Hope that helps.

Nice one Bas. I wasn’t aware of that app.