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I have noticed a lot of guides and examples use the automations “if status changes to X, move to group X… if status changes to Y, move to group Y”. I know there is an app for Status Controlled Groups. But it seems like it should be built-in functionality. Just like you can Sort and Filter, you should be able to Group By, select any status column, and have those statuses create the groups.

Currently, a Group is kind of like an invisible status column. The group tells you something about the item, but there is no column for the group, it get special treatment different from Statuses. It seems to me like it could be just another status, plus the ability to Group By any status (similar to the Kanban Column), you would maintain the same current functionality and extend it as well. This would allow you to “pivot” the board view i.e. group by Assignee, group by Priority, group by Product Type, etc.

Here’s an example from clickup:

hi @cberman

As the creator of “Status Controlled Groups” I thought it’s a good idea to let you know that this is underway from


It is still early days and it is in Alpha. In my account I was able to switch it in in monday.labs. It’s called Board Group By. Amazing feature, it’s not exactly the same as Status Controlled Groups as that app changes the status back to something else. Something like “when an item is set to complete in group phase1, move the item to group phase2 AND set the status to start”. The monday feature Board Group By does move the item (without any need for automations / apps :slight_smile: ) but it does not set the status to something else or assign different people.

Status Controlled Group was build for a document creation - review - approval process. It can be found in the marketplace here: Apps Marketplace

Enjoy the new monday feature.

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