Ability to Group-by any column type

We should be able to change how we group the items easily, so my suggestion would be that should be able to select which column will set my groups.

For example, if I have two status columns “Status 1” that records “Done” “In Progress” “Stuck” and another column “Status 2” that records the Team that’s in charge of the item, and it would be great to have two views of the same table, 1 grouped by “Status 1” and another one by “Status 2”.

You don’t know how many times I have been asked by the CEO “Can you show me this same table but grouped by XXXXX??” and I just can’t change it, I could filter many times and print and then go and show it but is not practical at all.

We should be able to group by any column we have!

I understand that this might change how the data is structured within monday, because the groups data is going to be as any other column, but it will simplify everything, even automations.

Yes, this is such a needed feature! It currently exists on the Dev product, it should definitely be available on the Work management product.