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The Group-By view options what are the column types that can be used?
Has the this feature been re-released from the original beta?

I have the feature switched on from the original beta testing, hence just checking if others can now see it too.

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Hi Rosalind,

The Group By feature has still only be released to a small pool of users, as part of beta testing, which is still underway. We do not have a concrete ETA at this time as the feature still requires increased testing and fine-tuning.

As for the supported columns, currently the Status, Numbers, Text, Long-text, Rating, Date, Timeline, Checkbox, and Connect-boards column are all supported.

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any updates on the release of Group-By?

Hey @ccy,

Thanks for checking up on this!

At this time, we are still working on the refinement and release of this feature. To be totally transparent, the development and subsequent testing phase has been delayed due to the current situation occurring in Israel. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience with us. Please be assured that when we have concrete details to share, we will let you know :pray:

By current situation, do you mean Ukraine, or Israel or something else?

Currently on a trial trying to evaluate Monday as a solution and this feature is a dealbreaker. Hoping to get a general timeline for release (Q4 2023, Q1 2024, etc).

Hi Cameron - I’ve updated my response to clarify further.

I will do my best to obtain a more concrete release for you Cameron :+1:

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If there’s no group by feature for now, what else can I do to group the data?