Group-by + Mirror Columns

Really loving the new group-by feature - I’ve got dynamic views by sprint, product, swimlane, etc.

I’m trying now to pull out our release quarters into a new board, so I can set the timeline there, and then link to it from our backlog - that way I’m not setting timelines on individual line items; just set the quarter, and the mirror will pull it in.

But I don’t seem able to group my board using the quarters I’ve mirrored in - am I missing something?

hi @KarenA

Correct. The new group by feature does not seem to support mirror columns. It also does not support local columns that can hold multiple values in a single cell (like person and dropdown).

A solution for your timeline column (that is supported by group by as lang as it is a local column) is to replace the connect-board / mirror approach by an app like Match Index Column that pulls in the timeline from another board by matching on a “key” column. That app outputs to a local timeline column and that local timeline column can be used with group by.

This feature would add a ton of value to Project Managment use cases such as Sprint, Ticket grooming as well as building quick BI views for meeting and triaging.

hope to see this added to roadmap some day soon!