Help, only one thing holding me back - can you group records like in Airtable?

Hello, new user here and excited to be able to join’s ecosystem. Had a crucial question though - can you group records by another column, like in Airtable? We use the grouping feature A LOT in Airtable, for managing our workflow to reporting, so without this it will be impossible to bring over our work to

Here’s a GIF of what I mean:

And an article explaining this feature:

Would really appreciate someone’s input here


Any help from the admins would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Maybe I am wrong but there is an exact function which replicates Airtable’s Group.

You can achieve part of this function with a status column and multi groups. Example, option for status to be Great Britain, Germany, France. Now create three new groups with the same name. Use an automation, when Status=Germany’s, move item to Group=Germany.

Hey @JarvisDigital, good question! There are different solutions based on what you are looking to do with this functionality :blush: Like @abiciea mentioned, you could automate this process to sort into groups based on status change triggers. I’d also recommend checking out our new pivot table view if you haven’t already!: Pivot Board View

Except the Pivot table view is only for Enterprise accounts, so that’s a no-go for the majority of your customers I’m sure :-/

I really, really wish could do this. We switched from Airtable and I miss this functionality so much! It made reporting so easy!

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