Request for new automation: Move Item to Specific Group on different Board

Feature Request:
When Status changes to Something and another Status is Something move item to Group on Board.

Example: I have a quoting Board and a Work in Progress Board. My Work in Progress Board is has two Groups… High Priority and Standard.

I would like to be able to set these rules on my Quoting Board:
When *Quoting" changes to Approved and Priority is High move item to High Priority on *Work in Progress (Board)
When *Quoting" changes to Approved and Priority is Standard move item to Standard on *Work in Progress (Board)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Holla :slight_smile: if I’m understanding your idea, i think you can do that, Have a status box with your 2x options. then set up 2x automation’s 1 for each status field. your automation will be, when status changes move item to board then when you click on the Item you can choose what group that automation sends it to. Hope this helps. let me know if not


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Hello @truth.designs.82,

In line with what @Viste is suggesting. You can create a new status column with these two status called “Approved - High Priority” and “Approved - Standard Priority”.
Then you can use the automation “When status changes to something and another status is something else, change a third status to something” to link Approval status and priority with the new status column.
Finally, you can use this new column to trigger the action to move the task to a new board and group in line with Viste comment using this automation “When status changes to something, move item to board”.

Hope it helps,


Your a gentleman. Well put :slight_smile:

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Thanks both of you! I have combined these ideas and have a solution. If I have Approved High Priority and Approved Standard Priority then I can simply set the Group/Job Board that it goes to. I didn’t see the Job Board allocation in the ‘Item’ section of the automation. Thanks heaps. :slight_smile:

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@Viste and @PedroM - Similar to what truth.designs.82 wanted to do, I am trying to have an item move from one group to another based on a status. The first group is created from a form. When a status changes, I want that item to move to the group on that same board with a title that matches the status name. Do you have suggestions on how this can be done using existing options?

Hello @Sherry,

If I understand well you may use this automation "When status changes to something, move item to group”, setting “something” and “group” with the same name.
Is that what you need?

@PedroM - Close with one issue that doesn’t make that work: This is a PTO board. The item is Approved or Denied. Either way, I want the item to move to the board for the PTO category.
Ex: employee requests vacation time. Whether it is approved or denied, I want the item to move to the Vacation Group. Likewise for Sick Time, Personal Time, and Other.
Is there a way to match another variable, like a different status column, to a group?

Yes @Sherry, you can use different status columns or different statuses within the same column to trigger different actions to move items to groups.
The best approach is to first write down all the actions you want to launch, and then, once you have the whole picture, start creating the automations. That will save you a lot of time doing tests.

@PedroM I have done this. The board is created. The form view is created. I have listed the actions to take. The Employee column is automatically populated. The Supervisor column is automatically populated. Emails are automatically being sent. The Type of PTO is automatically populated. The only one I can’t seem to make happen automatically is having the item move to a group when the status changes to approved/denied by the supervisor. screenshot:

Hi @Sherry,
You can use this automation “When a status changes to something and another status is something else, move item to group”. For Vacation Time it would be “When Status changes to Approved and Type of PTO is Vacation Time, move item to Vacation Time”.
You can create a new automation for each combination of Typ of PTO and Status.
Hope it helps,

@PedroM That’s it! Thank you. I had sent an inquiry into about this and they did not come up with your solution. It works great with all of these automations:
I also have a couple of integrations working to send emails. Thanks again

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Automations for cross board actions would be great!