Move group of Done items to new board

Is it possible to automate moving a group to a new board with the trigger being all group item statuses are marked complete? I have found was to manually move a group to a new board, to automate moving a ‘done’ item, but not automating moving a group of items with a specified status. It looks like there have been many other requests for automating movement of groups to other boards, but can’t find if this function has been created.
Thanks in advance for any help!

I am assuming the new board would be named after the group?

The new board would be a landing spot for groups for which all items have been marked “Done”, so it would contain many groups. It would be name “Completed Grant Tracking Tasks”.

Gotcha, so something that is like “when all items in a group have status of something, move group to board” , or “when all items status is completed of all items in a group, move group to board”. (Completed is any one of the status you’ve chosen as completed statuses in the status column settings).

I’m just trying to clarify requirements, since its a feature request (did you intend to post this in the developers section for third-party app developers? Not a bad idea because someone here will probably be able to implement in an app long before a native feature would be)

Yes, “when all items in a group have status of something, move group to board” is exactly the automation I’m looking for. Thanks for articulating it more clearly.
For some reason, when I was posting to the forum, it was only offering me the three app developer categories, so I just went with the one of those that made the most sense.

I’d like the same option - when all group is done, move to another board