Move tasks (item) by group in the same board, automatically based on their status

Does anyone has any tips for this scenario:
I have weekly group of tasks (This week, next week)
Every week, I want to move the tasks (item) which status is not done, from this week group to next week group, automatically .
Or move automatically tasks (item)status done from this week group, to completed tasks group.
I mean, how do we automate how to move items from dif groups

You could use the automation
When date arrives and only if status is something move item to group.

hi @Shayanny

Welcome to the community! What @Marius.Manic is writing could work for you but remember it only moves items at the date that is set in the item. If you want to reorder you items (e.g. every day) in groups this week, next week, previous week, next month etc. you can use the app “Date Controlled Groups” from the marketplace. Here is an example how that can be used.

Hello Marius Thank you so much for your help. Would you mind to explain how can I do that?

Hello Mr. Bas
Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

I would propose this setup: