Dymanic move to groups

Hi All,
I’m looking for a way to move items to groups dynamically; I will explain.

I have a board called “tasks”. On that board, groups for each day of the month like “01/01/2023”, “02/01/2023,” and so on. (I’m aware it’s not the best practice, but the client insists on having these groups because it’s easier for him to plan ahead and understand what’s coming up the next few days, it’s a very simple and understandable display.
So, I must find a solution until Monday.com releases the group by feature. Another board contains all the projects. On that board, I’ve created a button called “Create task.” This button creates an item on the tasks board with the relevant information from the project board.

The need: I want the user to select the destination group when clicking on the “create task” button so he can assign the task to the specific group (date); remember, each group represents a day in the month and when it needs to be done.

I’m aware that I can create automation on the “tasks” board that can move an item when it’s created and move it to a group, but I cannot place a parameter in the group destination, so “move to a group” is hard coded.
Any ideas? Other ways to group the tasks by date and have a header/group by date?

Hey Michael,

I think the best way to workaround this set up, would be to create group related to the weeks of the month instead in your tasks board… if this an option? I mention this as you can then create a status column in your projects board that aligns with the specific week the date falls in of the month.

From there, you can set up an automation in your tasks board to move the item to the relevant group (/week) based on the status:

I know this isn’t overly ideal, however I think it saves complication, as well as having to make status labels for each day of the month.

Let me know what you think!

Thank you for your replay, indeed this is an option however the customer keeps a log of all the tasks in groups per day.

I guess thsi solution will create so much work to maintain the boards and automation which is somthing I believe will not work