Automating a weekly move of objects by changing Statuses

Hi, Monday newbie here.
I have been running into an issue with the automations in that I want to have a weekly action that moves all of the items in a group into another group within the same board. So far I have attempted a round about way of doing this that I have been stubbornly trying to get to work. The flow of automation I have so far is as follows.

  1. Every Monday an item is created in a separate board that starts a 7 day deadline.
  2. When the deadline hits, the item changes status.
  3. The status triggers the item to move to the board with the important information.

Here I was hoping there was a way that when the trigger item enters the group, all of the items in the group would change their statuses and along with the trigger item would move to the second group within the board. I have managed to get the trigger item to end up where I want automatically but it doesn’t change the other items. Is there anyway I can get the status change to affect the other items or is there a simpler way to do this?
Thanks a lot.

hi @Wakaranya

Welcome to the community! If I read it well you want to change other item(s) based on a trigger fired for one item. All automations / formulas etc. work on a per item basis. You can’t change another item’s status (or any other column) as the automation isn’t aware of “the other” items.

You would need some external app or build one with Make to achieve this.

Right, thanks for the heads up @basdebruin.